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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you see the cloud layer in the live shot of the transamerica building. you posted something cool of the marine layer yesterday rolling in. >> it's always cool to see. even if you see it from the camera vantage point or in person and feel it. >> feeling it is even better. >> that's the key. we'll have much hotter temperatures away from the coastline and that fog that's been protecting us from some really dangerous heat. as we start out this morning, we are at 60 degrees in the tri-valley and the peninsula. and looking at the east bay now, on the left side of your screen, it's 55 degrees. you see the clouds in the north bay going into this afternoon, reaching in the mid to upper 80s for inland areas and 65 in san francisco. i'll talk about the hotter temperatures coming up. mike has an issue for the north bay. a small crash reported in the center divide by the truck scales in solano. i wanted to shout it out. not affecting the traffic flow. speed sensors around the bay
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looking good. travel times approaching the bay bridge. a little build for interstate 80. the toll plaza itself, there are more cars coming to the area. the toll plaza just has a few cars waiting in the cash lanes. back to you guys. breaking news now from morehead, mississippi, where a military plane crashed, killing at least 16 people. want the last half hour we have learned the plane was flying from north carolina. the question this morning, what happened. the u.s. marine corps is tweeting that a, quote, mishap occurred on the aircraft. so far that's all they're saying. the military plane, which is used for refueling crashed yesterday afternoon 100 miles north of jackson, mississippi. there are reports the plane broke up in the air and spiralled to the ground, catching fire. we know this morning that 16 bodies have been recovered. stay with nbc news as we continue to follow this investigation. at 5:01. developing right now we are hearing from the russian lawyer who met with donald trump jr. during his father's campaign for
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president. it is an interview you will only see on nbc. >> they had the impression, it appears, that they were going to be told some information that you had about the dnc. how did they get that impression? >> translator: it's quite possible that maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> do you have connections to the russian government? >> translator: no. >> that's nbc news' keir simmons with an exclusive interview with the russian lawyer who donald trump jr. had a meeting with last year. let's bring in tracie potts live in washington. this meeting is consuming washington right now. >> reporter: it is, laura. now we have the interview with the lawyer from russia saying she wasn't sent by the russian government and had no information about hillary clinton. it was that information that
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donald trump jr. says was presented to him as the reason for this meeting. and included in the meeting were jared kushner and paul manafort who later became the chair of the campaign. the question is, were they seeking information? were they aware information was coming from the russian government, if at all, as you just heard, she says no. they didn't know anything about it. donald trump jr. says at the beginning. but now a new "new york times" report says an e-mail was received by him before this meeting saying that there was information from the russian government that could help their campaign. donald trump jr. has hired a criminal attorney who says that, yes, trump thought that there was information that could help the campaign. that's why he met with her. but that they never made any promises to use any information or to either consider it credible. the senate intelligence committee wants to know more. they want to hear from him.
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trump jr. has said that he would be glad to meet with them. their interviews start this week. laura. >> tracie potts live from washington. thank you. happening today here at home. higher water bills for east bay homeowners. water leaders vote on plans to make a 19% rate hike per minute. pete suratos joining us live from walnut creek. what did you find out? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. look, the irony of this proposed water hike by east bay has to do with the fact that folks conserve too much water during the drought. i went to the east bay mud website to see who would be affected and how much you will be paying. we're talking about 1.4 million customers across the east bay. folks, between alameda county and contra costa county in places like walnut creek would be affected. talking about a 19% increase over a two-year span.
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in 2017 you would see an increase to the bill of roughly $4.34. the following year in 2018 the bill would increase by $4.63. so why are they doing the increase now, and exactly what will it be used for? i was able to find out it would be used to offset revenue lost during the drought when the average household was using 50 gallons less of water per day. the money from the water rate increases would be used to improve east bay mud infrastructure ranging from pipelines to facilities around the east bay. the public will get a chance to weigh in on the proposed increases during a public hearing today in oakland. if the board of directors moves forward with the rate hikes, they would kick in as early as tomorrow. live in walnut creek, pete suratos for "today in the bay.." new this morning, the chp says one driver is being investigated for possibly driving under the influence after a three-car crash in the east bay happened after midnight in hayward.
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all lanes were open again after about an hour. the chp says no one was seriously injured. we continue to dig for answers in friday's massive construction fire in oakland this morning. right now the atf task force is in town investigating what caused that high-rise to go up in flames. we're told they checked out the outside of the building, but right now it's considered too unsafe for them to go inside. we pressed the agency for answers but were told it's too soon to comment on the fire. people who live in the area are convinced this fire was arson. >> it's definitely suspicious. something is going on. it's on purpose. there is no doubt that this is not accidental. >> i think people should in the burn down oakland. that's all i think. this is -- it seems like it's arson. >> investigators are not calling last friday's oakland fire arson but atf officials released a video of a shadowy figure, a person of interest seen two months ago putting on a mask and
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hood before scaling an emeryville construction site. that fire is considered arson. follow-up on a story we first brought you on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. a brush fire in the san jose foothills could be linked to a string of arsons in the area. investigators say that fire, believed to be started by fireworks, is one of at least ten recent fires in a matter of weeks. all of this happening near mount hamilton. it has taken a little while, but finally happening today, the coast guard is set to remove a sunken barge that's been sitting near the bay bridge. global diving and salvage has already cut it into two pieces. today crews will use a crane to lift the pieces off the trans-bay tube. the barge, called "vengeance" capsized in april, leaking fuel into the bay. it's 5:07. we wake up with some clouds across the bay area. it's all clear in the south bay. and our high temperatures just as warm as yesterday in some spots.
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87 degrees in san jose. morgan hill, 90 degrees. we will hit the 90-degree temperature and then you'll start to feel the temperatures coming down this evening. early morning and afternoon will be the best times to get out there. late afternoon. in hayward we're up to 76 degrees. 77 in belmont. san francisco will see the mid 60s. up to 65 on the embarcadero. north bay reaching 85 in north bay. novato up to 90. point reyes, 59 with fog. in the weekend we'll all heat up. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike is tracking something in oakland. it appears on the chp report. no major problems, no big surprises. watching this. north bayed -- sounded like a disabled vehicle but it was completely cleared.
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we're tracking to see if anything remains. no slowing showing up yet. a slowing towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we're looking at transit. no major problems in the transbay tube. backup at the toll plaza should be forming. we'll see the cash lanes backing up. here are the travel times for the north bay. easy flow of traffic. highway 37 from vallejo towards the racetrack. back to you. coming up, disturbing allegations. the popular bay area tennis coach accused of sexual assaulting a teenager. unsettling developments in a deadly hazing scandal at penn state. what new text messages are now revealing about this tragic case.
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it is 5:12. we wake up to some clear skies, looking live over san jose right now. as we go into this afternoon, our temperatures go into the mid 80s. but there will be a nice start. in the 60s. that's the time you want to get out there and get a lot of the outdoor activities done. we will have more of this warm weather heading toward the end of the week and this weekend. we'll help you make plans coming
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up in five minutes. and a smooth drive to the tri-valley. a little slowing out of the altamont. as you would expect for 580. thank you so much. 5:13 right now. richmond police are searching for more victims this morning after a popular bay area tennis coach is arrested for sexually assaulting a teenager again. richmond police say normandie burgos gave tennis lessons in sausalito and richmond. police say the coach is accused of lewd acts with a 16-year-old boy and that the criminal behavior reportedly happened during private lessons at burgos' home in richmond. >> opened up to his mother and told her what had been occurring for two years since he was 14 years old. >> that was felix tam with the richmond police department. they say this is not the first time the coach has been accused of inappropriate behavior. the high school fired burgos when accusations from three
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former students landed him in court in 2008. that trial ended with a hung jury. it's 5:13 right now. developing this morning, a preliminary hearing is expected to wrap up today for several penn state fraternity brothers accused in a deadly hazing scandal. the judge is deciding whether 16 members of the school's now closed house should go to trial for the death in february of pledge tim piazza. in court yesterday prosecutors presented texts sent among the f fraternity brothers. an attorney for the family addressed media members. >> the text messages were devastating. the piazzas find it difficult to see and hear it. >> the charges range from manslaughter, assault to
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evidence tampering. happening today in the bay area. stanford health workers believe hospital understaffing is leading to a rise in patient infections. leaders of the union representing the workers plan to hold a news conference this morning. the union is arguing that sometimes housekeeping personnel don't receive enough time to sanitize rooms where an infected patient will stay. workers cite chronic understaffing and insufficient training. stanford has not responded. the city of oakland says it's reached a goal to create 2,000 summer jobs for young people. mayor libby schaaf is set to announce new funding to pay for 300 additional jobs, bringing the total number of her goal to 2,000 jobs. today we'll get details on how people can apply to work through classrooms to careers initiative. the announcement is set for 11:00 a.m. business and tech news this morning. warren buffett is giving away millions of dollars in stock to
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charity. >> london is live at headquarters. >> reporter: wall street could struggle to gain ground this morning following a mixed session on monday. the nasdaq rose for a second straight section. the dow rose just slightly. european markets started the day in positive territory but are pulling back a bit as oil prices dip lower. pepsico with earnings earlier this morning, posting better than expected results. after falling five points yesterday, the nasdaq rising 23 to 6176. warren buffett is giving away $3.2 billion in berkshire hathaway stock to five charities including the bill and melinda gates foundation. the 86-year-old, number two on the forbes list of richest people has pledged to donate 85% of his berkshire stock to
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charity. including this year he has donated $27.5 billion. forget amazon's prime day, how about free food? 7-eleven is giving away a free small slurpee from 11:00 to 7:00 p.m. to mark the company's 90th birthday. if you buy seven slurpees through the mobile app you'll get coupons for 11 more for free. >> goodness. my kids will be all over that. >> our coworkers will love that. they'll start rounding up slurpees. >> a lot of cupholders. photographer in north carolina capturing stunning images off the coast of north carolina. that's actually a waterspout that formed in kill devil hills yesterday morning. no doubt that scared a lot of people as the photographer was at the beach with her children when the spout formed. the area at the time was under a tornado warning. when the waterspout formed. so far there is no word on any damage in the area. i'm at the beach with my
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kids, i don't think i'll stop to take a picture of that. i'm out of there. >> didn't the waterspout look like a tornado? >> if it moves over land it becomes a tornado. that's the reason for the tornado warning. >> or dirt spouts. >> dirt devils, i guess. yeah, that's a really amazing picture to see. we've had some amazing wafrt weather along the coastline. mostly clear skies for the inland areas. south bay, peninsula and tri-valley at 60 degrees. it's 54 degrees in san francisco. marine layer once again back down to about 100 feet, so we'll still see a coastal clouds and fog with drizzle as well. let's go throughout the day and look at these high temperatures. we'll see highs in the south bay up to 89 degrees in los gatos. heading towards the east bay, 76 in hayward and 89 degrees in
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livermore. that's actually a few degrees cooler than yesterday. belmont will see a high of 77. and 65 on the embarcadero. north bay will see highs up to 84 degrees in santa rosa and sonoma at 80. napa valley and the temperature trend throughout the day. as you are making plans, we'll have a cool start with sunshine. noontime temperatures still very nice to enjoy lunch outside. it starts to warm up. you may be looking for some air-conditioning. you can get the natural air-conditioning in san francisco. the botanical garden will be free at golden gate park. it will be at 55 degrees to start. maybe long sleeves needed as you walk around the botanical garden. it will be very nice, though, through the day and a nice activity to check out with the kids. if you're hiking in the south bay, looking for activities, enjoying time at the park, it will be at 57 degrees at 7:00. 10:00, 66 degrees. you can see how the temperatures warm up quickly with all of that
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sunshine by 2:00. we are at 82 degrees. and at 6:00 we'll have the winds starting to pick up and temperatures dropping back to 78 degrees. in san francisco, we'll still see clouds and fog each day until the weekend. that's when our high temperatures warm into the 70s. the valleys will be up to 101 degrees. some dangerous heat this weekend. i am helping you make plans already. and we know we always have to plan around this weather. maybe some beach or pool plans will be in the works. mike gets us out there on the road with tuesday's pleasant start right now. >> a pleasant start. tuesday usually goes with traffic tuesday but lighter flow right now. kari talking about getting to the beach. 92. 17 at the bottom of the screen towards santa cruz. easy flow of traffic right now. nothing to speak p for the major highways. we see a little blip for highway 84. coming through hayward just off
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a street as well. more commuters are hitting the roadways. despite, we have great travel times and great rides along mass transit system. no delays in b.a.r.t. a look at oakland. 880 past the coliseum. smooth drive northbound. south with the headlights. san mateo bridge to the south or bay bridge to the north. we'll check with the wave system. a smooth, easy drive. the east shore freeway across the bay bridge or the richardson bay bridge, 580 towards san rafael, they're about the same. what shouldn't change. nbc bay area wages. go to your profile if you need to change your team but join ours. >> simple choice. thank you, mike. mike is back from vacation. so are a lot of other people. but no closer to reaching a deal. where the new republican health care bill is standing this morning. plus, a decorated army
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soldier is arrested on terrorism charges. his alleged ties to isis next. but first, a live look outside this morning. the sun making its arrival on this tuesday. as traffic moves along in san jose. a lot more news ahead. stay with us. 5:22.
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happening right now, this is a live look at the capitol in
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washington, d.c. that's where sources tell nbc news that republican senators may have modified their health care plan and will have that in place by thursday. the question remains, though, will there be enough support for the modified version. overhauling the affordable care act is not sitting well with a lot of americans. the polls show that. one mother went to d.c. this week begging lawmakers not to gut medicaid. >> talk to your constituents and see what's going to happen in their life. if you can still justify it, do that. >> i haven't heard a single republican governor who is in charge of a medicaid program say this is a good deal. not one. >> the governors putting pressure on the senators in their states. the white house saying president trump supports a full repeal of obamacare even if lawmakers don't come up with a replacement plan right away. attorney general jeff sessions is expected to address
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the opioid problem sweeping the nation. the topic today will focus on the fight against open opioid addiction. drug overdose deaths have sky rocketed in recent months. a slain new york city police officer will be laid to rest today. they'll say final good-byes to officer miosotis familia. the 12-year veteran of the new york police department was shot and killed on duty last week sitting in a police car. authorities are calling this an unprovoked ambush attack. hundreds of law enforcement officers are expected to attend. a u.s. soldier is behind bars, accused of trying to support isis. the 34-year-old air traffic controller operator was taken into custody saturday by an fbi
5:27 am
s.w.a.t. team. ikaika kang is charged with supporting resources to a terrorist organization. at a briefing fbi agents say kang tried to give military documents to people he believed would pass them on to isis but he said no military documents ever made it to isis. coming up, terrifying moments at sfo. what could have happened here. quick thinking that might have stopped an aviation disaster. evacuations here in the south bay as a wildfire burns through the hillside. the vehicle investigators are focusing on as the cause.
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5:30 right now on your tuesday morning. we take a live look outside right now at downtown los gatos this morning. not a lot of cars there at the moment. when everyone is going to the beach and trying to get around highway 17, pack your patience. as they say in the trade. >> exactly! >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. sam and i were talking about the weekend in the commercial break. it will be warmer around here. take the heat or get out of town. >> get out of the kitchen? >> we show the stories of people trying to get to santa cruz. do not cut through the neighborhoods in los gatos. i know they're so tired of that. you want to just wait in traffic and be patient. we are going to see in san francisco nice weather and
5:31 am
temperatures in the mid 70s for the weekend. while the inland valleys will be hitting triple digits. it even hurts to just see it on here. it will still be a week above average with our temperatures hitting the upper 80s and lower 90s. 100 degrees for both saturday and sunday. i will talk more about that. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast in six minutes. mike has a crash reported. >> more details coming in. trying to determine whether or not chp things there was impact or just a vehicle on the connecter from south 101 onto i-80. presumably i-80 getting to the bay bridge. if you continued south it would be 101. watch the connector. traffic going through. the traffic may be slowed by the vehicle sticking into it. it shouldn't affects folks from the bay bridge to the east bay. a smooth drive and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you the effects as the metering lights were turned on.
5:32 am
slower build on this tuesday but it's filling in for all the lanes. back to you. 5:31. developing this morning, firefighters in the south bay continue to watch for hot spots of a brush fire that came dangerously close to homes. it all happened on san flipe road near met ccalf road. >> bob redell joining us. where do things stand? >> reporter: good morning to you sam and laura. we spoke with calfire on the phone earlier this morning. they believe that those evacuations have been lifted after authorities asked people who live beyond this roadblock here on san philippe road to leave their homes in the east foothills of san jose. look at this video. this is video we got into the newsroom a few hours ago. the fire is still burning overnight. calfire tells us this is a 40-acre fire and it's at about 40% to 50% containment.
5:33 am
yesterday afternoon firefighters were concerned and worried it would grow to 500 acres because of the rugged terrain and that there is a lot of fuel to burn. this winter's rain storms produced a lot of grass, the recent heat dried it out, leaving the hillsides extremely flammable. that's why you saw calfire's large response yesterday. more than 150 firefighters on the ground, plus four airplanes, two helicopters dropping water and flame retardant from the air. as for the cause, calfire is investigating a convertible car that was abandoned and burned on the side of san philippe road. it's not clear whether the car was in an accident or stolen and intentionally set on fire or did something else happen to it. reporting live in san jose. bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much, bob. happening now across the state of california, firefighters continue to battle more than a dozen fires burning up and down our golden state. take a look at this map. all the active fires that calfire is working on right now
5:34 am
are in red on the map. quite a few. one of the biggest burning right now in butte county north of sacramento. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency as the so-called wall fire continues to tear through more than 5800 acres. at least 37 structures, including homes, have been destroyed. four people have been injured? the fire. it is 40% contained. to our south, more flames. in santa barbara county we're tracking the alamo fire. nearly 29,000 acres have burned in the flames there, and hundreds of people have been evacuated. that's 20% contained. the whittier fire burning in santa barbara county. the blaze has scorched just over 12 square miles. it is 25% contained. this morning we take a live look at sfo where we are only now finding out about what could have been one of the worst air disasters in history that was averted last week thanks to a quick-thinking air traffic controller. here is the back story. a plane that was arriving from toronto landed without incident,
5:35 am
but it came dangerously close to crashing into four planes that were full of passengers on the ground. the faa says just before midnight on friday the jet was cleared to land on runway 28-r, but instead it began to approach taxiway c. that's where four planes were sitting waiting for takeoff. the air traffic controller was able to alert the pilot in time to veer off and make another pass. here is some of the audio from the air traffic control exchange. >> 759. confirmed clear to land on runway two. >> he is on the taxiway. >> in the go-around. >> united 1, air canada flew directly over us. >> yeah, i saw that, guys. >> well, they were able to keep their cool there and avert disaster. the incident is under faa investigation and executives at
5:36 am
sfo have declined to comment. happening today, friends and families say good-bye to a woman police say was killed after her friend ran her over with a car in campbell. it's the city's first murder in two years. elsie de la rosa struck and so-call killed sally hernandez and drove away. hernandez's funeral is at 9:00 a.m. this morning at st. joseph's cathedral in san jose. san mateo police officers say they arrested a half naked transient who entered a home after roaming around a neighborhood in san mateo. it happened yesterday a little after midnight. a neighbor saw the man in his back yard wearing reportedly only a t-shirt and shoes. when police officers arrived the man had entered the house next door and gotten into a physical confrontation with a home owner. police say the man arrested has a history of drug offenses. terrifying moments at a palo
5:37 am
alto gas station. police say the suspect seen in this sketch walked up to a man who was getting gas, pretended he had a weapon and yelled "give me the car." the suspect then jumped into the man's pickup and sped away. he actually tore the gas nozzle and hose off in the process. all this at the shell station on embarcadero road. san francisco homeless advocates speak out against the city's push to crack down against bicycle shop chops. a committee yesterday approved legislation allowing police to seize bikes when they are being stripped and disassembled in open-air locations. the bikes are often resold without permits. critics argue the measure would further criminalize the homeless. danville leaders plan to break ground on a new 78-car parking garage on rose and east linda mesa streets. the project is part of a larger effort to add about 500 parking
5:38 am
spaces to the downtown business district. the wealth of parking spots there, a real issue in the neighbors, nearby walnut creek. leaders considering new ways to move around the downtown parking crunch. the city's transportation commission is considering today a type of surge pricing plan for downtown's most coveted spots. the way it would work is they would increase rates for the busiest meters and offer lower prices in less occupied areas. you pay a little bit less, do a little bit more walking. >> hmm. what is that? the demand for the roadways, it's there but the supply of cars not so much. light summertime commute this tuesday. an issue for san leandro. reports of a fire alongside 580 in the brush around there around the fair mont loop. we're watching for updates and checking with alameda county
5:39 am
fire. so far it doesn't sound like any structures are involved and it doesn't show slowing on our sensors. travel times through the tri-valley, the east bay. a quick look at the san mateo bridge, a smooth flow of traffic and no problems. you know, still have the rest of the commute from 92 to half moon bay as well. might be warm for the rest of the week. >> head to the beach. kari says it will be a little cooler today, but this weekend it's going to crank it up. >> a little bit cool today. >> red hot like your dress. >> very encouraging. >> we have had so many hot days, and it will be hot again this weekend. we are making plans as we are going to see those inland valleys make it up to 101 degrees. it hurts to say it. but there we go. and the bay will be at 86 degrees. 74 degrees at the coast. and for sunday's forecast, still hitting the triple digits. we may have more heat advisories
5:40 am
issued, and the bay will be at 87. very warm there. 73 degrees for the coast. maybe you want to hit the road and head to the sierra. this is a live look out there at squaw valley as the sun rises. i think i'll just leave it on there for a while. look at these temperatures. it will be in the low to mid 80s heading into the weekend. so you will need to pack some short sleeves and shorts, even though we have the snow capped mountains. napa valley will be hot. on friday up to 89 degrees and mid 90s throughout the weekend with mostly sunny skies. we'll take a look at fremont's temperature trend coming up in three minutes, sam and laura. >> thanks so much, kari. 5:40 right now. coming up, pushing for change in the air we breathe. the reason people are protesting an the steps of the state capital today ahead of a big vote this week. is the new california congratula cigarette tax working? the impact it's having on sales in a matter of months.
5:41 am
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it is 5:43 on this tuesday morning. we are taking a live look outside in fremont. already busy. you need to get that coffee and get moving. our temperatures will be moving too, going up today. at least it's going to be nice and cool to start with, low to mid 60s. the lunchtime temperature at 67. we'll see the sun heating up the temperatures this weekend. i'll talk about that coming up
5:44 am
at about 5:49. don't talk about that, kari. a smooth drive through the tri-valley. easy. the slower drives here. no problem for the bay bridge toll plaza but you have the meter lights. we'll show you more coming up. mike, kari, thank you so much. the state legislature is expected to vote on extending california's cap and trade program on thursday. but today, some environmental activists will be protesting the bill in sacramento. demonstrators say the legislation allows big oil to stop state and local agencies from enforcing regulations. governor brown says the program curbs climate change. the cap and trade program requires companies to pay for greenhouse gases that they emit by obtaining permits. president trump's 2018 budget takes a big chunk of money away from managing wild horses on federal lands including here in california. it could lead to thousands of horses getting euthanized and sold to slaughterhouses. east bay times reports activists are pressuring congressman ken
5:45 am
calvert from riverside county to stop it from happening. he oversees interior department spending which manages the horses. the trump administration says costs for caring for the animals is unmanageable. new this morning, the state's new cigarette tax increase appears to be working, cigarette sales are on their way down. uc san francisco researchers tell the mercury news sales have dropped 82 million cigarettes. the tax hike was put into place in april and researchers caution into reading too much into the early data. the research only covers the first two months. the summer can leave blood banks critically low. donations during the summer usually trail off because across the united states. the bay area is no exception. the blood centers of the pacific recently told the press democrat about a low blood supply for
5:46 am
northern california patients. typically only about one in ten people who are eligible to donate actually do. you might want to pour an extra cup of coffee before heading out the door to work this morning. it turns out you could live longer. researchers at usc found that drinking just one cup of coffee a day reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. it doesn't appear caffeine plays a role no increased longevity because decaf coffee drinkers have the same benefit. >> cheers to that. buyer beware. amazon prime day also a prime opportunity for thieves. the annual amazon event kicked off last night. it lasts until midnight tonight. there are, of course, discounts on thousands of different items. thieves are on the lookout for porch deliveries since they know you'll be ordering all the new goods. if you're expecting a package, there is something campbell police suggest you do.
5:47 am
>> the best thing to do is make sure you are home when the package arrives. if you can't be home, have it delivered somewhere. a business, friend or neighbor, so that it doesn't have the opportunity to sit on your front porch unattended. >> amazon generated some $525 million in sales last year, which the company hopes to surpass this year. 5:47 right now. happening today, delivery robots could soon be coming to concord. the city council is considering a pilot program with starship technologies to allow the use of autonomous robots or delivery service. san carlos recently started testing the robots. ford is launching a new bike sharing service in oakland, berkeley and emeryville. a kickoff ceremony is at 10:00 this morning. it launched last month in san francisco. riding into the all-star break in the baseball world.
5:48 am
the stars are aligned in miami. it's baseball's best taking center stage for the all-star game. >> the mid-summer classic got a jolt of adrenaline when northern california's own aaron judge won the home run derby. he grew up in linden. he'll be in the starting lineup tonight for the a. l. the giants have starting catcher buster posey and the a's have yonder alonso on the bench. always a fun time of year. >> the local kid there. aaron judge is like a living legend. he has been playing for all of, i don't know, ten months of baseball. >> his parents are say many, many years. >> he hit the ball so far it hit the exterior wall and bounced back in. >> that's never happened before. there is a lightning bolt in the background during one of his home runs. stormy in miami. just hot here. >> that's what we always see, a lot of thunderstorms in florida. here, not so much. but the hot weather has been something to really put down in
5:49 am
the record books, and something we will remember about this summer. a live look this morning at the valley in san jose. sun rises again with clear skies. it would be nice to start out with some clouds, right? that's what we're seeing in tiburon. that's where we'll keep the cooler temperatures. and it's all clear as we look live at sunol right now. beautiful sun rise. a look at where we're headed today. 85 in napa. oakland, 73 in palo alto. a high of 83, san jose, 87. as you are getting ready this morning, we start out in the closet to give you a little bit of some pointers here. the hat will be a great idea to grab that and give you some shade throughout the day. also, some short sleeves to stay cool. the seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen. we'll have a hot weekend on the way. if you are going to take advantage of this little bit of a break from the excessive heat, we're going to have great
5:50 am
golfing weather, especially this morning in the tri-valley. we'll be at 66 degrees at 9:00. and then 88 degrees at 3:00. so make sure you are heading out there early. speaking of the hot weather, we said the record books are definitely something that we'll be watching as we go into the next several days. we have already had six days above 100 degrees. and for the average summer in livermore we have about ten degrees above 100 degrees. so we're on track to possibly set some new records. forecast for the weekend. if you want to head somewhere a little bit cooler, along the coastline, santa barbara, upper 80s. yosemite also a great spot to check out. we'll have upper 70s on friday and low 80s for sunday. mike has an update on the fire in san leandro. a few more details. alameda county fire. smooth flow of traffic.
5:51 am
fire just off 580. toward the castro valley y. around hannah drive. it sounds like there is a structure fire there. we are following that, of course. as far as the traffic impact, it does not affect 580 as far as lanes but you may see the smoke. a shout out. we don't see major problems. smooth drive throughout this area. travel times are a nice. easy choice across the dumbarton bridge. new this morning, a live look at los angeles where the summer olympics may finally be within that city's grasp. the question now is which summer games. the ioc is meeting in switzerland. this is video of l.a. leaders talking this morning ahead of their final pitch to the ioc. many believe paris and los angeles, the two remaining contenders may be granted dual allocations for the 2024 and
5:52 am
2028 summer games: here is a tweet from president trump this morning. quote, working hard to get the olympics for the united states, l.a. stay tuned. the president is not in  switzerland, but french president emmanuel macron is there. it's possible a final decision won't come until next month. 5:52 right now. talk about a bad host. the charges, this airbnb host is facing after allegedly throwing a guest down a flight of stairs. first, happening right now, a global tsunami warning system in jeopardy. it finished in 2008 and gives an accurate forecast of how large the tsunami would be as it hits american shores. president trump's budget would cut $12 million in funding for that system. plus, we're learning that the new iphone 8 could cost more than $1200. a developer and blogger says
5:53 am
supply chain constraint issues and increased demand are behind the high price. better start saving now. back with more news in two minutes.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back on this tuesday morning. it's 5:55. new this morning. caltrans working on a busy northern california bridge
5:56 am
that's had problems since being paving in 2014. crews are resurfacing the pioneer bridge for the third time in three years. a lot of people drive across it all the way to tahoe. caltrans hired a company in 2014 to put down a mixture of resin and gravel to try to save taxpayers money but it didn't stick. caltrans had the bridge repaired again, under warranty but the material keeps crumbling and now the warranty has expired. officials say they'll spend $25000000 to resurface the road with a more reliable concrete mixture that's been used on other bridges. >> never any guarantees but we are confident in this product. 1200 bridges, plus, with very good results. so we're very confident. >> nbc bay area will keep tabs on it. construction will take place weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the goal to be finished by labor
5:57 am
day. airbnb executives are looking into this. a woman falling down a flight of stairs after some sort of a fight with her host. this happened in amsterdam on saturday. the man and the woman there tussling. through the door frame. right by the top of the flight of stairs the man is seen pushing her down the stairs. the woman was resisting, she falls. the man rushes down and calls for an ambulance. media says a 47-year-old man was arrested. a new report identifies some major issues for female inmates in the san francisco jail. we have been looking into the epic report. it's from the san francisco civil grand jury that says educational facilities for inmates who are trying to study in jail would not be safe in the event of an earthquake. the jury says the jail's budget needs to include plans for a new women's educational pod. it also says transgender females are being kept in discriminatory
5:58 am
housing in the male jail spaces, and it calls for changes to be made. a former gymnastics physician appears in federal court. larry nasser expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. he is charged with obtaining child pornography and concealing and destroying records of it. new details on the man who drowned at steelhead beach. investigators previously said a 19-year-old man drowned along the russian river. they've identified the victim as 21-year-old domingo garcia from oakland. they say he was hanging out on a sand bar with friends on sunday. he swam across the river to the shore but went under water on the way back. his body was sadly found at the bottom of the river. investigators do not believe alcohol was involved.
5:59 am
mountainview police looking for a man who exposed himself to a jogger before 9:00 on sunday. a woman was jogging on indigo way when a man passed her on a bike and turned north and shortly afterward the woman saw the man lying in a grass area. he lowered his shorts and proceeded to expose himself. she ran to the trail and noticed the same man walking on the trail. she slowed down and asked another jogger to walk together because she wasn't comfortable. sheriff's deputies say a smart home device may have saved the lives of a mother and daughter. investigators in new mexico say it happened during a domestic dispute last week. a mother and her daughter weren't trying to call for help, but the device called authorities when it overheard an argument. >> he asked her, did you call the sheriff's. and i guess there was a -- like a smart speaker connected inside the residence connected to the
6:00 am
home phone and it heard the key words "call sheriff." a man was arrested. investigators say he had a gun and is facing charges of false imprisonment. >> that's brilliant. new this morning, we're hearing from both donald trump jr. and the russian lawyer at the center of a controversial meeting. new information about a deadly military plane crash. where the flight originated and the response from military investigators this morning. and an alert for more than a million people in the bay area. how much your water bill could soon be rising. as early as tomorrow. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. i am sam brock. >> good morning is right. i am laura garcia-cannon. straight to the forecast right now. enjoy the cool before the heat. >> yeah. our temperatures are really going to start to heat


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